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Abid Shah

Abid Shah, the brilliant truck artist from Karachi has won hearts of many people with his fascinating artwork. He believes and aims for turning every old thing into a charming new piece with his art and craft.

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Niazi Art

With an experience of about 12 years, Niazi the truck artist, hailing from the village named Bannu is going places because of his unbelievable truck art style. Niazi has got a soft spot for Mor and hence he makes sure to draw one in his truck art whenever he can.

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Prince Asif

Inspired by his father's artwork and YouTube tutorials, Prince Asif from Multan is an expert at fine arts. His love for nature can be clearly seen in all his beautiful art pieces.

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Qaiser Mehmood

Taking the family occupation one step forward, Qaiser Mehmood from Abbottabad is exhibiting some of the best truck art in Pakistan. With his 18 years long experience, his truck art has created a special place in the market. Qaiser says nothing can stop him from including sceneries in his art.

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Rao Arif

The awesome self-taught truck artist from Karachi, Rao Arif has indeed left everyone in awe with his talents. His experience of 14 years has trained him well to be a pro at creating mesmerizing floral prints in his truck art.

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Based out of Multan, Rashid is naturally gifted and stands out with his classic and unique art style. His 7 years long experience has trained him well enough to make the best sceneries in town.

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Shahid Paracha

The determined and hardworking truck artist of Pakistan, Muhammad Shahid has done some brilliant work in the truck art industry that speaks volumes for itself. His love for colourful landscapes is definitely a notable component of his artworks.

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Shakeel Art

The creative truck artist from DG Khan, Shakeel Ahmed is quite a professional in Pakistani truck art. From his father painting on cinema walls to him flaunting his work on huge trucks, Shakeel's talent speaks for itself.

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Wajid Afridi

From a small village called Banno to the streets of Karachi, Wajid Khan has depicted his talents in truck art quite amazingly. Mor being his favorite bird has become his signature art piece in all his artwork.

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Babar Art

The Karachi based truck artist, Babar holds expertise in calligraphy and fine art. His 8 years long experience has led him to great accomplishments in his truck art career as well. Fun fact; horses are his first love, therefore his favorite thing to draw as well.

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Rozi Ustaad

The wonder woman, Rozi is the only female truck artist in Pakistan. A single mom who runs her entire household and follows her passion for truck art by riding on a bike to wherever the trucks are. She quit her job in the police department and took training from her Ustaad for truck art. Rozi has indeed left everyone in awe by excelling in a male-dominated truck art industry with her exceptional art style.

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Umar Farooq

The Peshawar based truck artist, Umar Farooq is a brilliant artist lately working in Karachi. His training from his Ustaad along with 12 years of experience undoubtedly brings out the best of his creativity in all his work. No wonder traditional birds like Mor and Chakor are his favourite things to draw in truck art.

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The Kohat based truck artist, Wajid followed his passion for art and came to Karachi to turn his dreams into a reality. 20 years passed and today he has earned a name for himself and his art in the truck art industry.

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Muhammad Gulraiz

The competent truck artist, Muhammad Gulraiz ranks among the top truck artists of Pakistan due to his decade long experience and love for truck art. His skills and creativity have made his work stand out among the rest. He loves the bird Mor so much that he just cannot stop himself from incorporating it in his artworks.

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